CFLD is committed to a development principle of "industry-driven city growth, development of industries within cities, integration of industry and cities, and integration of urban and rural areas." CFLD leads the development and operation of New Industry Cities and integrates industries and cities through a scientific and systematic plan that perfectly integrates industries and cities to pursue regional sustainable development.

Developing industries

Committed to building innovative industry clusters for each New Industry City

Innovation is the primary driving force behind development; it is the strategic anchor of a modernized economy. CFLD regards industry as the key driver and has developed an economic development strategy that transforms regional economies for a new era.

  • Industry sectors


  • Industry clusters


  • Industry
    development team


  • Companies have set up
    operations in the clusters


  • Investment

    500billion yuan

  • Creating new jobs

    300,000new jobs

Developing cities

Committed to transforming every New Industry City into sustainable development cities

CFLD believes in “putting people first.” Adopting a four-pronged approach of “plan, design, construct and operate,” CFLD builds vibrant, sustainable cities that are integrated with industries, a high-quality living environment and urban development throughout every stage of the city's growth.

Forward-looking and strategic designs Professional design with coordination Streamlined and efficient construction Smart and sustainable operation
CFLD boosts China's urban development through policy, a forward-looking mindset, and strategic research. When implementing national strategies, CFLD benchmarks against international standards and ties urban design to a region's strengths. CFLD breaks professional barriers and coordinates four design teams of building, landscape, city planning and transportation to complete professional and quality urban design of full coverage and strong coordination. Based on planning and designing requirements, CFLD works for exquisite construction, smart growth, meticulous management and fine quality. Through professional division of work and efficient cooperation, CFLD has formed a feasible and verifiable urban development system under monitoring. CFLD builds an operation system for smart cities and offers end-to-end services from the design of smart cities to construction and operation, innovating urban governance and operations.

Enhancing livelihoods

Committed to enhancing livelihoods in each New Industry City

CFLD is committed to enhancing the livelihoods of residents in the region of each New Industry City. Our goal is that each and every citizen should benefit from the New Industry City. We achieve this though our “1261 system.”