Dachang New Industry City

A creative water town in greater Beijing

Dachang New Industry City is located 30 kilometers east of Beijing’s China World Trade Center, and is only eight kilometers away from Beijing’s sub-center. The construction of Dachang New Industry City was started in May 2007, when CFLD and the Dachang County Government signed a PPP agreement to jointly develop it.

Taking a "global creative commercialization center" as the primary development goal and of green development as the premise, CFLD focused on cultivating the three major industries of film and television culture, artificial intelligence and headquarters business operations. At the same time, with a focus on “developing full city functions”, the company comprehensively promotes the construction of four major systems: three-dimensional business, modern education, public services and urban ecology.

In 2007, Dachang County's fiscal revenue was 240 million yuan. Boosted by the Dachang New Industry City, this figure reached 5.41 billion yuan in 2017, an increase of nearly 22 times in just a single decade.

Leading Industries