Lishui New Industry City

An area of intelligent connected vehicle, and with charming and exquisite landscape

The LIshui New Industry City project was launched in 2016. Located in the core area of the Lishui Economic Development Zone in Nanjing, the project lies 32 kilometers from the main city of Nanjing, but only seven kilometers from Lukou International Airport. It is surrounded by Yuelu Lake, Tuan Hill and Zhao Hill.

Industry Cultivation

Relying on the only provincial-level new energy automobile industry base in Jiangsu Province, Lishui New Industry City has developed into an “one main and two auxiliaries” industrial cluster pattern with the intelligent connected vehicle industry as the primary focus, supplemented by intelligent manufacturing and production service industries. Focusing on a mode of “R&D + manufacturing”, Lishui New Industry City strives to build itself into an innovation and demonstration industrial base of intelligent vehicle industry, intelligent connected vehicle technology innovation and public service testing platform, and an intelligent connected vehicle industry innovation base in Nanjing. The project will drive the economic development of the Lishui District, effectively alleviate the gap between urban and rural areas, and provide useful reference for promoting regional coordinated development.

Leading Industries

Urban Construction

Lishui New Industry City is dedicated to becoming the gateway city of Nanjing, the city of scientific innovation, and the city of mountains and rivers that create a perfect environment. The area will develop an urban grid of “one main and two auxiliaries” with “two centers and several corridors.” The well-designed layout has contributed to the beauty of Lishui New Industry City.