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Shucheng New Industry City

Pilot area docking greater Hefei’s technology industry

Shucheng New Industry City is located 30 kilometers south of Hefei, capital of Anhui pro0vince. In February 2016, CFLD began to participate in its construction.

Under the plan for the integrated development of Hefei economic circle, Shucheng New Industry City has been actively integrated into the functions of the provincial capital. At the same time, it is hosting relocated industries from the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.

CFLD has created three major industrial clusters for Shucheng - photovoltaic display, new energy vehicles and intelligent manufacturing equipment. In terms of urban construction, focused on integrating with the Hefei urban area, CFLD is striving to create a vibrant city of happiness, which has distinctive industries with a strong cultural atmosphere, beautiful ecological environment, and tourism and community.

Leading Industries