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Wuzhi New Industry City

From Yellow River historic city to a new pole of technological manufacturing

Across the Yellow River from Zhengzhou, Wuzhi New Industry City, a historic and cultural city is now evolving into an area with advanced scientific and technological achievements. Engaged in both industrial development and urban construction, Wuzhi New Industry City is becoming the new pole of economic growth on the north bank of the Yellow River and demonstration zone of the coordinated development of city and industry.

Wuzhi New Industry City is committed to building the “Riverside Town in Northern China as well as an intelligent manufacturing town in the Central Plain of China”. Carrying on the foundation of equipment manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical industry, and trade and commercial logistics in Wuzhi, CFLD follows the actual needs of regional industrial development and focuses on four leading industrial clusters including intelligent manufacturing equipment, urban food, modern logistics, science and technology services, thus building the scientific and technological high ground in Zhengzhou metropolitan circle.

Leading Industries