Xianghe New Industry City

Waterfront leisure city, smart New Industry City

Xianghe County is only 40 kilometers away from Beijing’s Central Business District. It is located in the core area for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei province, and is just within the one-hour economic circle of Beijing and Tianjin. Xianghe New Industry City was initiated in May 2007, when CFLD and the Xianghe County Government signed a PPP agreement to jointly develop it.

Committed to creating a “Waterfront leisure city, smart New Industry City”, CFLD focused on establishing “two benchmark industries + two emerging industries”. This involved the development of the robots and high-tech navigation industry, and accelerating the cultivation of a headquarters economy and a modern service industry so as to create a new growth engine for regional development. In terms of urban image creation, Xianghe New Industry City combines the theme of ecology and technology development to actively provide an urban landscape with innovative charm.

Leading Industries