CFLD Overview

China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 600340) was established in 1998. Over the last two decades, CFLD has been devoted itself to New Industry City’s investment, development, construction, and operation. Today, CFLD has become a leading New Industry City operator in China. As of the end of 2019, the total assets of CFLD had reached CNY 457.812 billion.

The Company’s core products are New Industry Cities featuring “highly-assimilated industries, well-equipped urban space, and eco-friendly environment”, and industry towns with “distinct industrial features, green ecology, and beautiful and livable environment”. By way of creatively upgrading the market-based PPP model featuring the “government leadership, enterprise operations, and win-win cooperation” principle, CFLD provides the city with comprehensive solutions of sustainable development for regions throughout their entire life cycle, including planning and design, land consolidation, infrastructure construction, public facilities development, industrial development and city operation.

CFLD has an industrial development team with 4,600 professionals, making “industry first” as its core strategy, focusing on 10 leading industries including new generation information technology, high-end equipment, automobile, aerospace, new materials, health, urban consumption, etc. So far, CFLD has developed more than 100 industrial clusters. By the end of 2019, CFLD had signed agreements with over 2,000 enterprises, attracting investment over CNY 500 billion and creating 300,000 new jobs.

CFLD is committed to creating the “3 + 3 + N” core metropolitan areas. In addition to the New Industry Cities, CFLD ventured into new business areas, and created both asset-light and asset-heavy new business models. Beijing Lize marked CFLD’s first project under the “asset-light” model, opening a new chapter in its cooperation with Ping An. In addition, CFLD rapidly advanced into the fields of retail property, office buildings and other commercial real estate, and explored new real estate fields such as healthcare facilities, public housing, and communities for scientists. At the same time, the company also explored new areas in core metropolitan areas, with a focus on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and cities such as Zhengzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu. In just over a year, CFLD launched a number of high-quality commercial real estate projects, including the Wuhan Yangtze River Center and the Beijing Lize project. At the same time, it stood out with its urban renewal projects such as the Bilingding Project in Shenzhen’s Pingshan District. CFLD was selected as pre-service provider for urban renewal through 8 of its projects, including 6 in Shenzhen and 2 in Dongguan. The company continued to rapidly develop many more new projects.